Buyer Journey Stages Explained

There are four distinct thought stages that everyone performs prior to making a purchase.

Occasionally, an individual will proceed through all four stages very rapidly. This occurs when the buyer:

Other times, an individual will proceed at a slower pace. These individuals are often the ones that a sales rep will stop following up with on a regular basis. These leads are qualified but are often labeled as cold leads because they do not have an immediate need. 

SalesDrip's automation was designed to keep your name and brand in front of the lead in a polite, professional and respectful manner until an opportunity arises. When this occurs, the lead can advance through the Buyer Journey at their own pace.

SalesDrip Presentation (Images).005.jpg


Below is an example of how the automation is configured to allow each individual lead to advance through their own personal Buyer Journey atr their own pace. In the event that a lead does not convert to the next stage, the automation will restart. The timing of the events are distributed over long periods of time. In the case of the Enlighten stage, the timing exceeds 500 days prior to restart.

Buyer Journey Flowchart.001.jpeg